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yuma15's Test Results

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yuma15's Test Results

Post by RedactedEntry on 22nd January 2014, 5:19 pm

Tester's Photon / Galaxy v.s Testee's Six Samurai

Deck Construction: 30/60 (Sum of Creativity + Deck Consistency + Competitiveness)  
Creativity: 5/20 - Run of the mill Six Samurai deck
Deck Consistency: 15/20 - Was always able to get out something
Competitiveness: 10/20 - Needs improvement

Siding: 0/15 - Did not side

Skills: 17/40 (Sum of Usage of Cards + Adaptability)
Usage of Cards: 12/20 - A few smart plays, but nothing I haven't seen before
Adaptability: 5/20 - Really couldn't adapt to my plays

Missplays: 2/10 - He made a lot of errors. During the entire time he had Shi En out, he never used his effect on me, which would have saved him on a few occasions (such as me playing Photon Sanctuary to get out a monster, or using Black Horn of Heaven on his Scrap Dragon which would have otherwise destroyed my only monster).

Overall Dueling Skills: 12/20

Match Score: 0/30
Winning 2-0: 30/30
Winning 2-1: 20/30
Losing 1-2: 0/30

Total Score: 61/175

Slifer: 0-72
Ra: 73-144
Obelisk: 145-175

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Re: yuma15's Test Results

Post by The Life Less One on 22nd January 2014, 5:22 pm

dorm awarded, thread locked!


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