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{legionaire} envoy hda war team test results

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{legionaire} envoy hda war team test results

Post by BarcodePez on 13th July 2014, 7:21 pm

siding 4/10 sided to make his deck quicker but not much to hurt my deck
if you dont side at all at least explain why and if you 2-0 the tester its okay but you will still get a 0/10 for this, mainly because it is always good to side even if you wont game 1

the duel 0/30
pretty much this is simple
2-1 = 20
2-0 = 30
1-2 = 0
0-2 = 0

even if you win 1 game it doesnt matter a loss is a loss

missplays and redos 10/10
if you miss play or redo anything twice you get 0
if you miss play or redo anything once you get 5
if you dont miss play or bla bla you get 10

missplays happen but we need them not to in the war and no-one will let you redo anything

advantage 5/20 had a moment of advantage at the start but lost it to me baiting an effect
this is based of the testers point of view on how much advantage you had through the game he can mark you as he wishes but do remember if they get a come back and keep the pressure

adaptabilty 10/20 you used some cards well but others not so good
this is also based of the testers point of view usage of cards, comebacks ect

ruling 6/30 you got questions 1, 3,4 and 5 wrong
you will be asked 5 ruling questions 6 points for every right

knowledge 10/10 you will be asked to name good side deck cards but you must state what decks they are for the only way you could fail this is if you are stupid

45-70 so mate 25 off


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Re: {legionaire} envoy hda war team test results

Post by Heimerdinger on 13th July 2014, 7:24 pm

well it was a fun expireince ty for ur time Pez. Smile

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