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Letter to participants

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Letter to participants

Post by Aaron on 25th July 2013, 11:25 am

Welcome students!

If you are reading this notice then I am pleased to announce that you have been accepted into the DuelWorld Program, class of 2013. One week from now a car will pick you up from your homes and take you to your nearest form of international transport, from there you will head off to our specially prepared island, just off the coast of Florida.

Academy rules

I do trust that you will act responsibly but there are some strict rules that I must pass

1. Do not bring any form of alcohol or cigarettes with you, those of which will be provided to suit your "needs" once you get there.
2. There are no drugs of any kind permitted on the island.
3. Curfew is 11.30pm, anyone found outside at this time will suffer consequences.
4. Violence of any kind is severely punishable.


The DuelWorld Program is a new trans-reality dueling universe, which I and my fellow sponsors have set up. You will have a small community all to yourselves where you can duel to your hearts content, have fun and enjoy! And its totally free, all we want is to observe and understand you young promising duelists. There is no catch! Upon arrival you will be assigned living quarters and told about the dueling premises.
Every Monday morning the town store will open, its basically a massive Wal-Mart, there you can pick up anything you need for the week ahead, that includes anything from groceries to games consoles, and its all FREE!

Thats everything you need to know for now, if you have any questions come to my office any time at the DuelWorld Town Hall.


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