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me vs takeru rp duel

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me vs takeru rp duel

Post by Jester on 5th September 2013, 7:11 pm

xFlameWizardx: Surprised
red jester.: lets get this duel started shll we? ill go first
xFlameWizardx: So this will determine my fate huh?
red jester.: no your mind will determin your fate
red jester.: i wont make you do something against your will
red jester.: now attack 919 and 236
xFlameWizardx has lost 1400 life points
xFlameWizardx has lost 1700 life points
xFlameWizardx: ugh
xFlameWizardx: draw
xFlameWizardx: i normal summon bora!
red jester.: damn him again
xFlameWizardx: and i'll use him to attack nisamu
xFlameWizardx: (wait that effect Surprised)
red jester.: nisamu eff to defence
xFlameWizardx: Changing target to kuick
red jester.: kuick*
red jester. has lost 200 life points
xFlameWizardx: now my bora effect activates
xFlameWizardx: i end my turn
red jester.: draw
red jester.: this should be good
red jester.: now i activate mind control
red jester.: next ill summon 313
red jester.: 224
red jester.: and use her eff to summon 313
red jester.: now ill synchro for 8
red jester.: 00x eff
red jester.: now ill activate isntsant fusion to bring out cyber saurus
red jester. has lost 1000 life points
red jester.: now ill sychro for 8 again
red jester.: 00x eff again
red jester.: 248 eff to attack
red jester.: say good by to your face down
red jester.: (?)
xFlameWizardx: (My bad was afk)
red jester.: now ill sycnhro for 7
red jester.: and i wont use his eff
xFlameWizardx: MY BORA
xFlameWizardx: :O
red jester.: now come forth gear spring spirit
xFlameWizardx: if its that card.
red jester.: and now ill over lay on of my 00x and spirit to summon
xFlameWizardx: 'I lose...'
red jester.: 107!
xFlameWizardx: Oh noe!
red jester.: now you know how his effect works
red jester.: detac h my shogun
red jester.: now i gain 2 attack
xFlameWizardx has lost 2600 life points
xFlameWizardx: Surprised
red jester.: now tachyon
red jester.: end this
xFlameWizardx has lost 2300 life points
xFlameWizardx admitted defeat
xFlameWizardx: (L O L.)
red jester.: (XD)
xFlameWizardx: (ikr)
xFlameWizardx: (if only i didn't set that stupid shiet
xFlameWizardx: (seven tools backfired
xFlameWizardx has made a rematch offer
red jester.: now for round 2
Siding for next duel has begun (1-0-0)
xFlameWizardx: grrr...
red jester.: dont you see you are on the losing side of this fight
red jester.: even with just me and theo we cant be stopped
xFlameWizardx: And the problem is?
red jester.: hm?
xFlameWizardx: thinking
xFlameWizardx: (hand wasn't as great as i thought)
red jester.: (if i draw one tuner ill be good lol
xFlameWizardx: eff
xFlameWizardx: on second thought *Smirk*
xFlameWizardx: wait wtf Surprised
xFlameWizardx has lost 600 life points
xFlameWizardx: whirl wind Surprised
xFlameWizardx: or not.
red jester.: eff
red jester.: eff
red jester. placed a counter on "Karakuri Anatomy" in ST-4 (now 1)
red jester. has lost 1000 life points
red jester.: come out 00x
red jester.: eff
red jester.: 00
red jester.: 00 eff
red jester. placed a counter on "Karakuri Anatomy" in ST-4 (now 2)
red jester.: eff
red jester.: 0 attack
xFlameWizardx: kk
red jester.: one sec
xFlameWizardx has lost 100 life points
xFlameWizardx has gained 100 life points
xFlameWizardx: (hold on
xFlameWizardx has lost 1600 life points
xFlameWizardx has lost 2600 life points
xFlameWizardx has lost 1700 life points
red jester.: dmg step of 00
xFlameWizardx has lost 1500 life points
xFlameWizardx admitted defeat
red jester.: and thats that
xFlameWizardx: (was so ready to get out desendant Surprised)
xFlameWizardx has left the duel



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