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XDA Spring Update & Events

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XDA Spring Update & Events Empty XDA Spring Update & Events

Post by Almighty Yeezus on 13th April 2014, 7:39 pm

XDA Spring Update & Events Xda_spring_event_by_adicaso111-d7biqro

Grab some friends and battle it out in the Gladiator Colosseum or team up for Unity Fesivals with other XDA users. Take part in spring and Easter-themed events and get ready for XDA's biggest party—the Spring Update Celebration! Read on for all the juicy details coming in the Spring update:

XDA Spring Update & Events 52Nya2x

Ever wanted to gamble some of your DP to earn more? Well now you can with our all new dice game, Armed Slots. You will attempt a roll and collect 3 Dark Armed Dragons, or any of its original level forms while trying to avoid the Card Crush Viruses. You won't always need to get three though, any matching any of the other lvl forms will grant you a great reward.

XDA Spring Update & Events MnC7OUP

XDA Spring Update & Events DOyhUEz

A new dueling system that co-signs with Duel Arena, Shadow Arena, and Dice Game. The Gladiator Mode offers a more diverse way of dueling your opponents with an added in bonus to keep you coming back to duel some more! In the Gladiator Colosseum, your Life Points will be greatly increased. If you defeat those below your rank, you’ll gain less experience than if you were to defeat someone above your rank.

XDA Spring Update & Events NQPiuXs

XDA Spring Update & Events U8NOmEX

Do you want to have a part in XDA newest update? Do you want your opinion heard? Use this feature to get just that! XDA has decided to implument a small feature which will allow us to quickly gather feedback, suggestions, and user reports where our new User Support staff will handle. Simply click the small white question mark on the left hand side of the screen to get started.

XDA Spring Update & Events O4PU2N2

XDA Spring Update & Events 2uWyfre

During the festivities, everyone will be able to choose a Duel Partner. By dueling other members, and posting your results in correct topic, you'll be eligible to gain Heart Points. The collective amount of Heart Points scored by all members at XDA is used to unlock rewards after the event is over. The reward and target values are displayed underneath each panel. Once a score for a particular panel is achieved, we all work together to unlock the next panel!

XDA Spring Update & Events XXfeHtl

XDA Spring Update & Events Qstoh47

The legendary assassins of Battleon, Wallo & Shii have joined XDA to perfect the skills of our very own assassins! Wallo & Shii will server as 'Event' NPCs and will give out quests and assignments for you to grow as an assassin. But if you're aren't into cool black cloaks and knifes, Valencia is also offering for you to become a Rogue! It is said that if you were to walk along the Main Street of Krovesport at night, alone, you would be robbed twice, conned once, and stabbed thrice before you made it from one door to the next. But don't let that old saying scare you. Not all Rogues live to stab and thieve. Some can be quite honorable. That's why YOU have come here, after all! To train as an honorable Rogue... right?

XDA Spring Update & Events HlmScQq


XDA Spring Update & Events YeeztextXDA Spring Update & Events 9xGKYuE
XDA Spring Update & Events DV60zs8
XDA Spring Update & Events Hallow12
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