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Black Horn of Heaven

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Black Horn of Heaven Empty Black Horn of Heaven

Post by RedactedEntry on 25th April 2014, 3:00 pm

As we all know, Black Horn of Heaven negates one inherent special summon. Summons that are chained to another effect (spell card, trap card, monster effect) are immune. If I Xyz summon Number 39: Utopia, you can chain Black Horn of Heaven. However, if I activate Call of the Haunted and special summon Number 39: Utopia from the graveyard, you can't chain Black Horn of Heaven.

However, I never understood why that is the case. The card instructions say "When your opponent would Special Summon a monster: Negate the Special Summon, and if you do, destroy it." There's nothing regarding restrictions for summons that are chained to effects. Yet, the whole internet is adamant in enforcing that Black Horn of Heaven only applies to inherent special summons.

So, can someone explain to me why Black Horn of Heaven works the way that it does? Judging from the text alone, it should work just like Solemn Warning.


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