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World Championship Series!!!

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World Championship Series!!! Empty World Championship Series!!!

Post by Hell Kaiser on 27th July 2014, 12:32 am

Soooo guys it is almost that time of the year again when we root for our favorite country to win worlds also our favorite person. what I want to discuss how this worlds is anybody's game. Why do you ask. well it is simple it has been near a year since the tcg and ocg have had the same ban list. Which means they have been playing different strategies than the other. OCG has not been a trap heavy format unlike us where we were all about trap control, the one to set a full back row controls the game. Soooo OCG does not experience hats or other trap heavy decks so that could be good for us or bad because ocg before is notorious for running trap negating cards in their side. I remember a few worlds back all the ocg players had like 2 or 3 royal decrees in their side deck. The ocg focuses on skill instead of relying on heavy back row which could hurt us really bad for tcg players because they will probably say screw you and your back row and lock it down. Now another problem is with the ban list itself. both ocg and tcg had only a month to get ready for this soooo both sides might not have enough time to think of every counter to every card on that list. Trish is back cyber stein is back I believe number 16 is back like all these ban cards are back which we have not seen in forever but the ocg has had several months or a year to play them same to them we have cards they don't have legal that could throw their game off guard but the ban list is base more the ocg. sooo it could be ocg has this. What do you guys think.


Remember to get your game on and keep dueling til the last card and the last life point. World Championship Series!!! 416687979
Hell Kaiser
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World Championship Series!!! Empty Re: World Championship Series!!!

Post by clark3000mkp on 27th July 2014, 3:05 pm


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