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Sooo called "Bad Decks"

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Sooo called "Bad Decks" Empty Sooo called "Bad Decks"

Post by Hell Kaiser on 3rd August 2014, 12:38 pm

So I notice when I go to Indianapolis and go to these big locals with hardcore players who spend hundreds on a deck. When they ask what I am running in the tourney I say exodia or sometimes reversal quiz and I hear the same thing from a lot of the players...What a scrub that is a bad deck. Now we are going to pause it right there. "Bad Deck" ok I am going to explain to you why I run these decks.
1.) I spent under 50 dollars for the exodia and reversal quiz deck.
2.) They have more of a chance to win.
3.) Most of the time it isn't the meta that destroys these decks it is other budget decks like Dark world.
4.) It destroys the meta. Everyone saw what reversal quiz did to the meta for almost a month straight.
ok now that list up there ^^ is a pretty good positives. It is easy to counter other budget decks and most of the time the main deck of these 2 decks are what usually destroys meta decks not the side deck also the budget part of using decks like these..literally 50 dollars for each deck. so abut 100 dollars put in to 2 decks that are more likely to win over a 200 - 300 dollar meta deck.

Now let's take a look at my builds I have had these 2 builds for ever now and have had the decks for ever now
https://imgur.com/spi7pRW Reversal quiz
https://imgur.com/MlIoAYZ Exodia deck.
Both these builds should look familiar because reversal quiz has a basic build so far I have seen a few with convulsion of nature but the Exodia deck is the most famous it was the deck that pro winston took to the world championship series and made top 4. Top 4 at worlds hmmmmm very interesting you are telling me this deck is bad because it seems like it did pretty good against some of the top duelist of the world at the time. let's also throw in the fact that card destruction was legal and was in almost everyone's side deck or main deck because it was almost all chaos during this format.

to the point. Next time you you call decks that are a easy win against the meta a "Bad Deck" just rethink this you spent almost 300 dollars on a meta deck or traded a shit ton of stuff for the cards in that deck when this person running burn, exodia, reversal quiz, final countdown, and ect. they only spent near 50 dollars on that deck and it ate your so called best deck.


Remember to get your game on and keep dueling til the last card and the last life point. Sooo called "Bad Decks" 416687979
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