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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Empty Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

Post by Hell Kaiser on 8th August 2014, 9:53 pm

Tomorrow is the world championship series Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! 416687979. Go team USA lol. So far I have heard so many rumors of what decks people are playing. What I have heard from team USA is that most our players are using control or troll decks whatever you wanna call them. I have heard chain burn, reversal quiz, exodia and infernity. I think this is a smart way to go because lets face it this meta is base on who can set a full back row first to win or spam the most cards to win. With those troll decks they will do the opposite of what their opponent wants like H.A.Ts build their deck to control spamming not going to happen very well against exodia or quiz. Lightsworns expect to blow up the field and attack for game well cards like swift scarecrow says hell no to that then lightsworns could deck themselves out with that lol. I am not to sure how well chain burn will do because of wiretap is still a problem. So when they go for the kill wiretap would stop it unless the player has something to counter that which I would think he would since wiretap is like a must have in a tournament like this. Soooo yeah what do you guys think worlds will be like?? by the sound of Team USA they are throwing a big screw you in konami's face sooo yeah what do you guys think?


Remember to get your game on and keep dueling til the last card and the last life point. Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! 416687979
Hell Kaiser
Hell Kaiser

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Empty Re: Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

Post by clark3000mkp on 9th August 2014, 12:00 am

You think bujins have a chance? Maybe Madolches?

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Empty Re: Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

Post by Aaron on 9th August 2014, 6:57 am

Where can I see the stream?


R U Mine?

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Slifer10
Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Hda_ad10
Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! 6328810

Game of Thrones meme:

Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Got_lo10

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Empty Re: Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

Post by The Kingboo on 9th August 2014, 8:26 am

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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! V6VaLiS

Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Z5t7a
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Tomorrow is Worlds!!!! Empty Re: Tomorrow is Worlds!!!!

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