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Go Recruit People (Remake)

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Go Recruit People (Remake) Empty Go Recruit People (Remake)

Post by l Pkin l on 21st October 2013, 7:26 pm

Okay People, When you recruit one person, you get 100DP. Make sure you have proof that you recruited the person.
When proving for recruitment you can either ask that person that you recruited to pm me stating that you have recruited them or you can have them simply state that in the chatbox so i can make adjustments. Thank You for your cooperation and happy recruiting Smile


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Go Recruit People (Remake) Empty Re: Go Recruit People (Remake)

Post by RuneChampion on 9th January 2014, 6:19 pm

Some of you guys want start recruiting for the academy but don't know how to go about doing it. so here i will help you and also give you DP's for recruiting new people which has to be confirm by them. To comfirm it screenshot it, tell the person when he/she makes their intro to tell who brought them here, and or confirm it in the chatbox and tell PK

Step 1. Make a another dn account
Step 2. Make a fake deck (you won't use it)
Step 3. Make sure there isn't alot dn admins on
Step 4. Write in the duel note (PM ME IF YOU WANT TO JOIN AN ACADEMY)
Step 5. Host a duel in advance, traditional, or unlimited but never join a duel with anyone
Step 6. Have the academy link ready so when people start to pm you, you don't have a convo with them just send them the link and move on to the next one.
Step 7. Make sure not to host the duel for to long or the admins will catch you.

Good Luck people lets bring in more people then the testers can handle lol


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