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Banlist wishlist/predictions?

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Banlist wishlist/predictions? Empty Banlist wishlist/predictions?

Post by clark3000mkp on 14th September 2014, 6:52 pm

So for this list, let's say that shaddolls, burning abyss, and stellarknights won't get hit, because they just came out.

I think wolfbark can go to two or three, and inzektor hornet can go to two or three. Or dragonfly to two, or both. Windup Carrier can go to one or something. Dark magician of chaos can go to one. Sangan can go to one. Cyber-stein can come back. Stratos can maybe come back. Thousand eyes restrict and trishula can come back. Gorz can go to two. Maybe dark armed dragon to two. Thunder king and GB Bestiari to two. Rescue rabbit can go to two. Gale can go to two. Grand mole and deep sea diva can go to two. One of the level 6 gishki monsters can go to two, and SS Shi en can go to two.
Trag and chaos sorceror can go to three. Card trooper and magician of faith can as well.

What are your guys' thoughts and opinions?

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